Converted Barracks

We have many self storage sizes available in converted barracks and other concrete block buildings.

The white doors seen here open to large 13 12’ x 31’ units with window in the back and rent for $125/month.

We have other converted storage units of varying sizes starting as low as $35/month.

One popular size is a 9’ x 14’ “officers’ bedroom” at $45/month.

Another popular unit for storing your household goods is an 8’ x 20’ dust-proof, mouse-proof, and insect free steel shipping container priced at $85/month.

Mouse Proof Steel Shipping Containers

Other mini storage options available include our mouse proof steel containers with raised hardwood floors.

These storage containers are made of heavy gauge steel and share no common walls, floor, or roof with any other unit.

Therefore, your belongings remain safe from fire, smoke, fluid spills, insects and mice, or theft through inside walls from a neighboring unit.

These are great for your most valuable possessions!

The white container units shown here are 8’ x 40’ units.

Storage container openings are 8’ or 8 12’ wide which are large enough to drive in automobiles or other vehicles. The height varies from 8’ to 9 12’ depending on the container.

20’ container units are $85/month.

40’ container units are $110/month.

48’ container units are 8 12’ wide, 9 12’ high, and are $125/month.